1. Talk with my friends
2. I can be tagged in pictures I appear
3. Change my status
4. Being update with my friends lives even though they are far away.
5. I love that you can send messages privately. Inbox.
6. That people can tag you in their status
7. It is easier to invite people to your reunion or parties.
8. We can upload videos
9. Texas Hold’em
10. Instantaneous notifications
11. Becoming fan
12. If I forget birthdays, facebook reminds me
13. Making quizzes and funny notes
14. Being able to delete comments and pictures
15. You can block people
16. Stalking people
17. Making fun of people disasters
18. Profound quotes
19. Wall posts
20. That now you can tag people on statuses, and posts.
21. Sharing links
22. The news feed contains only the MOOST important and juicy stuff!
23. Privacy settings.
24. Mail notifications
25. Diversity of people connected together.

1. Farmville
2. Yo Ville
3. Poking
4. Wiiiiiiiiiiierd people
5. Being tagged in pictures they know I look really Baaaaaad
6. Receiving many notifications after I liked someone else picture.
7. Friend suggestion
8. People having their friends as brothers, sisters, father, mother, etc.
9. Random people add you
10. Picture of the day
11. People fighting on facebook
12. Receiving gifts
13. Bumper stickers
15. Relationship updates
16. It gets you in and can never get out!! Very addictive
17. Facebook chat
18. Page suggestions
19. ENGAGED! OMG they are just teen boyfriends!
20. Hate the @ Vallarta, Monterrey, San Luis, Aguascalientes, Guadalajara,
21. People tagging you in pictures like “describe me in one Word”
22. Add a song to your profile by clicking here, or know who deleted you if you click here. NOT HAPPENING
23. People daring you in games such as word making, Tetris, and tower blocks!
24. How lucky you are!
25. Fortune cookies!
26. Amante del día

The wierdest person that has added me on facebook was the director of international admissions in one of the colleges I applied! HELLS NOOOOOOOOOOO

H2O pollution


Over the past decades, water pollution has been increasing exponentially. Water pollution, as its name states, is the contamination of water bodies. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_pollution). Water pollution damages plants and animals that live in different water bodies. Water pollution’s consequence is the damage caused to individual species or populations and most importantly biological communities. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_pollution). Different from the past, our new technological society has become uncaring to the miracle of life, H2O. Our rivers, seas and oceans have been exploited, mistreated and contaminated. (http://www.laleva.cc/environment/
water.html )

More than two thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water; therefore it is the most precious natural resource existing in our planet.(http://www.
.htm). This amount of water includes saline water and fresh water. Fresh water is the type of water humans need to survive. Fresh water is found in ice caps and glaciers, in the ground, and on the surface. (http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/earthwherewater.html). From the three ways fresh water can be found, humans focus and explode the last one: the surface water. This water is found principally in lakes, swamps and rivers. (http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/earthwherewater.html). Approximately one percent of the water is usable for humans and sixty five percent of the human body is formed by water. This is why humans should invest using as much as possible from their funds to fight against water pollution. It is easy and necessary.

Since water is the most important substance for humans to survive, and it is being contaminated tremendously, water pollution is the most serious environmental issue in the world.Water can be polluted in many different ways with different substances. It can be point-source pollution and non-point-source pollution. (http://www.umich.edu/~gs265/ society/waterpollution.htm) The first one is when trash or substances are thrown directly into water. The second one is when water is polluted indirectly like with fertilizers and other harmful chemicals. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_pollution#Nonpoint_source_pollution) It is very easy to contaminate water without even noticing it. Water can be contaminated with organic and inorganic substances.

“Our drinking water today, far from being pure, contains some two hundred deadly commercial chemicals. Add to that bacteria, viruses, inorganic minerals (making the water hard) and you have a chemical cocktail that is unsuitable (if not deadly) for human consumption” (http://www.laleva.cc/environment/water.html). You and I have to stop polluting our most abundant and most important natural resource. People cannot live without pure fresh water. Humans have to start thinking on the future. We cannot just kill living organisms such as animals, plants, and even humans!

All lives are dependent on water. You have to think now on whether or not you want to keep up with life or just want the end of the world to be humanity’s next step. I am tired to see people throwing trash on the streets, factories throwing their wastes in the ocean, and many other things that can be easily avoided. You do not even have to pay a single cent. It is not hard to take care of water. Let’s do everything we can to save water and save the world.

Videos from youtube. Water pollution

Video Reflectioongilili

First of all, I really enjoy this activity. I really liked creating my video. For the last 30 minutes or so I have been watching the videos that my classmates posted on vimeo. I really enjoyed watching them. Like in every activity, there are some videos that outstand from the rest. The videos I appreciated the most are: Paulina's (because I formed part of it haha) Vallarta's, Alicia's, and Jessica's. Those were the best ones, but the best one so far was Jessica's. Those videos attracted me because they made me laugh a lot, especially Alicia's. The milk one attracted me a lot because it was pretty funny. I loved how Heather got wet with milk. Vallarta's video was very interesting and original. My project was also one of the best ones. I think that I promoted my product very well. I think that my video was very attractive, the scenes flowed really well. The lighting was very effective, but the only thing I would change is the beginning. At the very beginning you could perceive the shadow of the person filming. Other than that mistake everything was good. It was exactly one minute long which meets the requirements.

Aldo's Commercial from markpicketts on Vimeo.

Techny Techny

Woooow, this is amazing. I had thought of what would be the next step technology was going to take, but I swear I never thought this was possible. This is amazing. The way you can "be" your own computer. Your fingers can be the create the screen by just moving them on top of a sheet of paper. This new emerging technology is fabulous and amazing. I swear I want one right now! I would spend all of my savings in one of this. It is so practical! You can carry it around everywhere! Now instead of carrying a laptop or a notebook we will go to school only with our fingers!!! it is astonishing. It will be a facility which will provide benefits but at the same time it will cause some harm to future generations. We will now become dependent to technology. This has certain defects but the benefits overcome them.

This new device of technology is that technology will go with you holding your hand from now on. The way that just by touching our wrist we can see the time, by making a square taking a picture! It is amazing how handy everything related to technology is going to be. This invention does not have limitation, it can do whatever we want it to do! it is amazing the way we can have internet in OUR HANDS literally.

When he said Open Source I understood that he is willing to share it with the world. He does not want to keep it for him, he wants to share his invention with everyone. It will be a lot easier for the people to access it this way. The pros are that we will all be able to purchase one. It will be easier for humanity to access internet. The cons is that people may abuse of technology even more that they do now. They will become computer addicts.

Commercialing :P

Wooow those commercials were pretty awesome. They were very funny and entertaining. I seriously liked them. Their messages were very profound and well transmitted. I enjoyed watching them a lot. Those messages were unique. In contrast to other commercials these ones did not contain any "BS" or additional information they barely need. These commercials caught my attention from the beginning all the way to the end. Other commercials that are as entertaining and funny are the Coca-Cola ones. I love watching them. They are very profound and transmit a lot of joy. My favorite one is the one with the polar bears. They are super cool, but unfortunately the only place I get to see them is online. They are not on TV anymore! Some of these commercials are:




Some elements that I will definitely use in my commercial are: The interesting and loud beginning to attract the people's attention. I would also decorate every part of the scenery. Music plays a very important role in the development of a commercial. Short speeches to avoid boredom in the audience will also be included. It will be hard but interesting. I will do my best to create funny and interesting commercial on condoms!! It is going to be super fun!

Articleeee Sex

This article was very interesting and astonishing because these situations do happen really at schools. It is important to recall that it was the girl’s decision of sending that naked picture to her boyfriend. One makes their own decisions and it was her fault because she was the one that started all this scam. This event was planned just by her and nobody told her that the exit of this problem was committing suicide. She is still very immature and tries to scape from all her problems the easy way, committing suicide!

In my opinion the school has no responsibility on pushing her to commit suicide because it was her own decision. It is also because that type of things are no reasons for you to take your life away. It is very probable that this was not the only problems she had because she broke up with her boyfriend. All her problems
crumbled up and she was feeling depressed and overcome by them. Truly I don’t think she committed suicide because her school didn’t take harder measures to control the situation. She had something else going on, normally students that do not much attention by their school, try to get it from someone else! . People are responsible of their own actions that is why I think that the school or the children have no responsibility on her death. If there had to be a responsible person from prevent her for committing suicide it would be her mom or dad.


I am going to do a commercial on condoms and their importance for young adults more than anyone else!