1. Talk with my friends
2. I can be tagged in pictures I appear
3. Change my status
4. Being update with my friends lives even though they are far away.
5. I love that you can send messages privately. Inbox.
6. That people can tag you in their status
7. It is easier to invite people to your reunion or parties.
8. We can upload videos
9. Texas Hold’em
10. Instantaneous notifications
11. Becoming fan
12. If I forget birthdays, facebook reminds me
13. Making quizzes and funny notes
14. Being able to delete comments and pictures
15. You can block people
16. Stalking people
17. Making fun of people disasters
18. Profound quotes
19. Wall posts
20. That now you can tag people on statuses, and posts.
21. Sharing links
22. The news feed contains only the MOOST important and juicy stuff!
23. Privacy settings.
24. Mail notifications
25. Diversity of people connected together.

1. Farmville
2. Yo Ville
3. Poking
4. Wiiiiiiiiiiierd people
5. Being tagged in pictures they know I look really Baaaaaad
6. Receiving many notifications after I liked someone else picture.
7. Friend suggestion
8. People having their friends as brothers, sisters, father, mother, etc.
9. Random people add you
10. Picture of the day
11. People fighting on facebook
12. Receiving gifts
13. Bumper stickers
15. Relationship updates
16. It gets you in and can never get out!! Very addictive
17. Facebook chat
18. Page suggestions
19. ENGAGED! OMG they are just teen boyfriends!
20. Hate the @ Vallarta, Monterrey, San Luis, Aguascalientes, Guadalajara,
21. People tagging you in pictures like “describe me in one Word”
22. Add a song to your profile by clicking here, or know who deleted you if you click here. NOT HAPPENING
23. People daring you in games such as word making, Tetris, and tower blocks!
24. How lucky you are!
25. Fortune cookies!
26. Amante del día

The wierdest person that has added me on facebook was the director of international admissions in one of the colleges I applied! HELLS NOOOOOOOOOOO

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mistermark dijo...

wow, that is a weird invite!

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